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In article <B2AAE2E4-13FBF4@>,
    "Ed Tecot" <tecot@cs.stanford.edu>  writes:
> I gave OmniPage LE on a Mac a shot at TECO.DOC and it failed in all of the
> ways you described.  Not to mention that it consistently got certain
> characters wrong, despite being told that it was dot matrix.

My understanding about OCR packages is that when you spend money for
the upgraded version you are buying the increased recognition
capability.  I couldn't convince my OCR lite package to reliably
translate ChOpPy line printer output or dot matrix printouts.  I
suspect that these are tough roblems for OCR software to begin with
and that they are especially tough cases for the 'lite' software.

PC Magazine has an article on OCR packages at
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