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Re: What is your level of home automation?

I'm just getting into this now, thanks to our house remodel.  So far, I've
run about 500 feet of CAT5 and 400 feet of RG-6 cable through half of the
house.  Everything goes to the office closet (we don't have a basement or
attic).  Behind the closet door is where I've mounted a punch block and
will eventually relocate my ISDN modem and a hub to.  At some point, I'll
also run DSS through the closet as well.  I'm looking into surge supression
or a cheap UPS system.  Any recommendations?

I haven't thought beyond that; my kids are too young to put any real
demands on our telephone.  I don't like a few things about X-10, so I'm
waiting for whatever replaces it to be determined in the marketplace.

If you're interested in this stuff, check out www.smarthome.com.  Their
prices aren't so hot, but they've got some pretty cool things in their