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Re: What is your level of home automation?

At 11:37 PM 10/26/98 -0500, Bob Mader wrote:
> (long description of Chris Brown's home automation ... )
Wow, that sounds great. It would be perfect if Chris could acquire one of
those old 11/70 equipment racks hanging around DuPont Hall to mount the
equipment on ...

>So, I'm wondering, is this unprecedented? Or are there other stories of 
>Deltoid family home automation?
My situation is obviously different from Chris's, but I'm getting more and
more interested in the area of mobility/wirelessness since I split my time
among five different places (current apartment for sleeping/eating; old
apartment I'm using as a home office until I can put it on the market;
beach house in the summer; work; and business school). Got a laptop and
digital cellphone this summer and I'm looking into a cellular modem (anyone
have any experience with those?) My guess is that by this time next year I
won't even have a landline phone of my own any more. Since it's my choice
and not forced on me by work, I rather enjoy the idea that I can be in
touch with the world from anywhere I want, including my favorite coffee bar
on Eighth Avenue. Anyone else have any experience along these lines?