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The sim was down for awhile.  It is now back up and working.  I noticed
that people were trying to get in, but no PDP11/70 was running.

Please drop me a message and let me know when it is down and I will
start it up.  Since there is no automatic way, if the system reboots it
is gone.

I would also like to thank Alan for helping the automatic reset of the
clock each time someone logs onto the sim.  We were able to do this by
sending email to the sim when you log onto the delta account.  A program
then runs after the logon program that resets the system date to the
email date and time.  We will assume that my server has the correct
date. ;-)

Can someone set the upper and lower case as default?  I am not sure how
to do this one.  Also, is anyone making copies of the manuals ... for a
fee of course... like the BASIC and the other one that has all the SYS$
stuff in it?

If you have a program that you want loaded this is possible by sending a
message to:   deltasource@mcws.net or rstsmail@mcws.net.

You must put in the subject the PPN that you want the message to be
delivered to. If you want it delivered to Jim Stallings then you would
put 1,47 in the subject line.  You can put multiple ppn's in the subject
line (Thanks Alan and Gary for this).  When you connect to the SIM you
will find the email in your account under the messag.txt file name.

Please remember when you disconnect from the SIM you need to type BYE in
order to drop the connection, then press <CTRL D> when the logged off.