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RE: Pictures??

Hello again,

Announcing, for your browsing pleasure, the people pictures from the 
reunion. I'm sorry to say I had a little trouble remembering some of the 
names, so if you can fill in some of the blanks, please let me know. I'm 
foggy on all the kids' names and on John Berryhill's and Bruce Siegell's 
respective significant others. Send me mail if you know any of the names... 

The url... http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mader/delta/r98pics.html



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Sorry I did not email you the rest of the pictures I took....
I'll try to get them to Bob in the next week (I Hope <GRIN>).
                Dave O.

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> > PS: in case you weren't there, there was quite a bit of group
> picture
> > taking activity though unless the camera had lots of resolution,
> > I predict fuzzy blobs in the distance desperatly in need of image
> > enhancement...  8-)
> I have the group shots... will post them when I get a chance (soon)...
> they are fuzzy but you can still recognize the people.
> Bob