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Re: Hope you had fun...


A hearty thanks to you and Cecelia for making it happen! I had a great
time. Hope to see everyone again sooner than 20 years from now ...


At 11:32 AM 8/17/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I just want to say "Thanks" to everybody for making the reunion a great 
>success. It was wonderful seeing everyone back together again. I hope 
>that some old friendships have been rekindled and maybe some new ones 
>I would particularly like to thank all the folks who brought old 
>printouts, tapes, and pictures to share. And thanks to Ernie and Aron 
>for the great slide show! Thanks go to Jim Stallings for producing the 
>bound Delta Alumni Directories. I would like to  thank Dave Olszewski 
>for being in charge of taking lots of pictures of all the goings on 
>(which we will post up on the web site soon).
>I want to extend an especially heartfelt gratitude to Peter Warter and 
>Dan Grim for conducting the tours of EE and UDCC. Seeing these places 
>again brought back some very fond memories. For me, just being able to 
>walk back into room 358 was an amazing experience! The left wall still 
>has the scars from all the modems and punch down blocks that were once 
>mounted there. But it was also very interesting to see all the great 
>new stuff EE is doing today. I never dreamed they'd have a clean room 
>for doing chip research! Then, going back to the Computer Center was 
>like stepping into a time machine. It was the same old room in the same 
>old building, but packed with all the latest modern stuff. Dan should 
>be very proud of the job he's done keeping the University on the 
>leading edge.
>And finally, I would like to publicly acknowledge the tireless efforts 
>of my wife Cecelia for locating all of you and for coordinating just 
>about every aspect of this event. With out her help and support, it 
>would have never happened!
>I'm sorry if I didn't get a chance to say hello or goodbye to 
>everybody. I hope you all had a very enjoyable visit!
>Until next time...
>Bob Mader