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Re: Email with RSTS


There's already a provision in the RSTS MAIL program I wrote that can
capture Internet-style addresses; I'm waiting for you and Gary to decide
how it will work at the Unix end before finishing the implementation at the
BASIC-PLUS end. Maybe we can consult on Saturday?


At 03:07 PM 8/9/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Now that we have rsts so that it can receive mail from the internet,
>GREAT for getting programs to it!!  Do we want to attempt a send to
>internet email from RSTS?  It is real easy with sendmail.
>We just need a way that we can create a file on the unix server.  This
>file needs only be a simple text file with the following:
>    TO:   duh
>    FROM:  duh
>    REPLY-TO:  duh.
>    SUBJECT:  duh
>message text.....
>The mail program can be the an updated version the current mail program
>that sends to our PPns.  The only diff would be if the addresses had a @
>in it, it would route to this email_out file, or better yet write to a
>temp file then have the sim perform the "cat /delta/email_out |
>/usr/lib/sendmail -t" command, then delete the temp file.  The program
>would put out PPn into the beginning of the Subject line for replies and
>mailrsts@mcws.net into the reply-to field.  The from would be [1,47] Jim
>Stallings RSTS Simulator - Project Delta or whatever.
>I can do the coding to the mail program, but need to know advice on
>getting the data to unix dasd, etc..
>In fact, the file really only needs the TO and nothing else.  This text
>file is then routed into my mail program as follows:
>    cat /delta/email_out | /usr/lib/sendmail -t
>This will route the simple text file to sendmail and send it.
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