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RE: The Party Weekend!!

Bob (or anyone else),

What advice can you give us on parking at the Trabant Center? Are there any
public lots in the area or do we have to find street parking?


At 08:30 PM 8/6/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>Cecelia and I are definitely up for crashing a pool party at HoJo's on 
>Friday evening. It might also be fun to have a Delta breakfast the next 
>morning... the Blue Hen Diner across the street from HoJo's is a good 
>breakfast spot. As far as after the luncheon/reception at the Trabant 
>Center, it is looking like two tours: EE at 3:00 and then the UDCC 
>after that. And after the tours... it's the cocktail hour, right? I 
>vote for the Iron Hill Brewery on Main St... good place for dinner, 
>So how's this for a tentative proposed schedule...
>   8:00 PM - ? poolside at HoJo's
>   8:00 AM breakfast at the Blue Hen Diner
>   11:00 AM - 3:00 PM luncheon reception at Trabant Center
>   3:00 PM EE tour hosted by Peter Warter
>   4:00 PM UDCC tour hosted by Dan Grim
>   5:00 PM Happy hour and dinner at the Iron Hill Brewery
>Comments... suggestions... more ideas?