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Email with RSTS

Now that we have rsts so that it can receive mail from the internet,
GREAT for getting programs to it!!  Do we want to attempt a send to
internet email from RSTS?  It is real easy with sendmail.

We just need a way that we can create a file on the unix server.  This
file needs only be a simple text file with the following:

    TO:   duh
    FROM:  duh
    REPLY-TO:  duh.
    SUBJECT:  duh

message text.....

The mail program can be the an updated version the current mail program
that sends to our PPns.  The only diff would be if the addresses had a @
in it, it would route to this email_out file, or better yet write to a
temp file then have the sim perform the "cat /delta/email_out |
/usr/lib/sendmail -t" command, then delete the temp file.  The program
would put out PPn into the beginning of the Subject line for replies and
mailrsts@mcws.net into the reply-to field.  The from would be [1,47] Jim
Stallings RSTS Simulator - Project Delta or whatever.

I can do the coding to the mail program, but need to know advice on
getting the data to unix dasd, etc..

In fact, the file really only needs the TO and nothing else.  This text
file is then routed into my mail program as follows:

    cat /delta/email_out | /usr/lib/sendmail -t

This will route the simple text file to sendmail and send it.


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