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Re: The Party Weekend!!

Ed Tecot wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 6, 1998 5:30 PM, Bob & Cecelia <mailto:n3lym@amsat.org> wrote:
> >And after the tours... it's the cocktail hour, right? I
> >vote for the Iron Hill Brewery on Main St... good place for dinner,
> >too.
> Is this a place that young children (ages 1.5 and 3.5) would feel
> comfortable at?

Probably more so than at the Deer Park. It's an upscale
kind of yuppie brewery, with a diverse menu including,
for example, thai dishes. Not too smoky, the times I've
been. Not ideal for kids, mind you. I don't recall if they
have a kids menu, for example.

Also, it tends to get quite crowded on weekends, so good
luck getting several tables together!
Ralph Gonzalez