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RE: The Party Weekend!!

Hi folks,

Cecelia and I are definitely up for crashing a pool party at HoJo's on 
Friday evening. It might also be fun to have a Delta breakfast the next 
morning... the Blue Hen Diner across the street from HoJo's is a good 
breakfast spot. As far as after the luncheon/reception at the Trabant 
Center, it is looking like two tours: EE at 3:00 and then the UDCC 
after that. And after the tours... it's the cocktail hour, right? I 
vote for the Iron Hill Brewery on Main St... good place for dinner, 

So how's this for a tentative proposed schedule...

   8:00 PM - ? poolside at HoJo's
   8:00 AM breakfast at the Blue Hen Diner
   11:00 AM - 3:00 PM luncheon reception at Trabant Center
   3:00 PM EE tour hosted by Peter Warter
   4:00 PM UDCC tour hosted by Dan Grim
   5:00 PM Happy hour and dinner at the Iron Hill Brewery

Comments... suggestions... more ideas?