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We have some pictures on the Project DELTA web site now

I finally got 4 slides of Project DELTA in 360 DuPont hall scanned in and 
Bob put them up on the web site at <http://www.eecis
.udel.edu/~mader/delta/aronpics.html>.  I did a little twiddling of 
the contrast and brightness in Photoshop, although perhaps not enough; the 
foreground may still be too light and the background may still be too dark, 
depending on your monitor, and of course due to the flash.  (My only excuse 
is that I still haven't learned the details of the Amsel Adams method of 
exposure control.)  I also tried to comment on the visible components of 
the systems, but I wasn't sure of some things, so please send me any 


- Aron (Who tries to carry on the family tradition of saving everything 
that might be useful some day, no matter how remote that possibility is, 
although it is a heck of a lot harder to do in a suburban house than on a 
farm. :-)