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RE: How are you creating accounts on RSTS

I used the E option of REACT.SYS to create my account.  The source says that
if there was no error creating the account, it would add the information to
$ACCT.SYS.  My account got created, but no entry was made in $ACCT.SYS.  Go


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Alan is absolutely right.  $ACCT.SYS is nothing more than a text file
written by REACT.  So you CAN edit it with TECO.

BTW,  No one answered my original question.  How did you create the IDs that
aren't in ACCT.SYS.  Did you use the sys() call by hand or something?  It's
hard to believe that someone remembered how to use the sys() call but not
REACT.  I don't remember any of the sys calls, and it was only with a lot of
futzing around that I found REACT.  I had to read the code to figure out how
to add an account.

Does anyone know what REACT stands for??

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Subject: RE: How are you creating accounts on RSTS

>Hey everyone,
>$ACCT.SYS doesn't really have anything to do with the MFD, as far as I can
>tell. It seems to just be an ASCII text file with the following fields:
>I believe REACT simply writes this stuff into it directly; I know you can
>simply read from it with INPUT statements that grab all the variables.
>Those of you whose accounts aren't in there could probably put them in with
>TECO, assuming you still remember how to use TECO ...