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Re: How are you creating accounts on RSTS

I couldn't remember how to use REACT either, and I was too lazy to read the
sources.  I spent a little time in HELP to refresh my teco memory and then

teco $acct.sys
i1,44,,1000,4,Ed Tecot

As for how my account was created; I believe that Jim created my account,
so perhaps he can enlighten us on how he did it without REACT.


On Tue, Jul 21, 1998 5:07 PM, Gary L. Luckenbaugh <mailto:garyll@ibm.net>
>Alan is absolutely right.  $ACCT.SYS is nothing more than a text file
>written by REACT.  So you CAN edit it with TECO.
>BTW,  No one answered my original question.  How did you create the IDs
>aren't in ACCT.SYS.  Did you use the sys() call by hand or something? 
>hard to believe that someone remembered how to use the sys() call but not
>REACT.  I don't remember any of the sys calls, and it was only with a lot
>futzing around that I found REACT.  I had to read the code to figure out
>to add an account.
>Does anyone know what REACT stands for??