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Internet mail is working!

Hi everyone,

You can now send e-mail through the Internet to the RSTS simulator! Here's

(1) Address the e-mail to mailrsts@mcws.net and begin the subject line with
the PPN or PPNs you are sending to, followed by a space and then the actual
subject line. Examples:

[1,53] Greetings from the Internet
1,53 This is another way to do it
(1,47);(1,17);(1,53) You can send to multiple accounts this way

As you can tell, PPNs can have parentheses, square brackets or no
delimiters; use a semicolon to separate multiple PPNs; a space is the
delimiter between PPNs and subject. Attachments to e-mail are not supported.

(2) When you log onto the simulator, type RUN$MAICHK to check your e-mail.
This program does two things: (a) polls the simulator for Internet mail and
distributes it to all recipients; (b) then prints your MESSAG.TXT file.
Step (a) can take 5 or 10 seconds if there's a lot of mail, so be patient. 

Please let me know if there are any problems. Once I'm sure the program
works correctly, I'll modify LOGIN to chain to it so you can download your
mail automatically.

Next step: enable RSTS to send e-mail to the Internet.

Thanks to Gary Luckenbaugh and Jim Stallings for handling the Linux end of