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Re: How are you creating accounts on RSTS

Correct... Alot of use are REAL OLD and forget alot of this stuff.  ;-)

Eric Thayer wrote:

> You can use $money to find out what PPN's are assigned.  $ACCT.SYS seems to
> be incomplete.
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> On Fri, Jul 10, 1998 12:03 PM, Alan Flippen <mailto:flippen@nytimes.com>
> wrote:
> >I've written a little program to lookup account names. It's called
> >WHOIS.BAS and it's on my account [1,53] on the sim. Run it (priv users
> >only) and it will ask you for a PPN; you can enter a single PPN and it
> will
> >look up the account name, or enter the word ALL and it will list all the
> >accounts in $ACCT.SYS.
> >
> >Now we just need to put all the accounts that are already on the sim into
> >$ACCT.SYS ...
> It looks like there's only two missing - [1,32] and [1,44].  I'm [1,44].
> Who's [1,32] - Ernie?
> And can I just use REACT to add them, or will that mess things up because
> they already exist?
> _emt