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First Phase of Import Mechanism Complete

A new version of the simulator is up and running at delta.mcws.net that
allows you to import files via FTP.  The next step will be to get mail

Here's how to import a file via FTP:

     1. FTP to delta.mcws.net and login with the id delta and the password
     2. "cd incoming" to change to the incoming directory.  Please don't put
anything in
         the delta home directory.  I write protected the directory just to
be on the safe side.
     3. "put" your file.
     4. "quit" FTP.
     5. telnet to delta.mcws.net and log into RSTS.
     6. "run [1,17]attach" and when prompted type
     7. Type old PR: or PIP FILE.EXT=PR:

Note:  Linux is case sensitive.  So you must use the same case in the attach
program as you did for the FTP.  Linux uses linefeeds as the normal line
separator.  So a file created with a Linux editor will look to RSTS like
every line ends with linefeed.  If the file you attempt to attach doesn't
exist, the simulator will create an empty file and attach it.
Unfortunately, there is no good way to return an error.