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PDP-11 UNIX Sources

Gary mentioned printing the PDP-11 sources on the
UDCC Xerox-1200 printer.  You can buy a copy of
_Lions' Commentary on UNIX(R) 6th Edition, with Source Code_
by John Lions *without showing a copy of your UNIX source license*
(as was originally the case for this book).  Forward by Dennis Ritchie.
ISBN 1-57398-013-7.  <http://www.peer-to-peer.com>. 
$29.95+tax at SoftPro Books in Burlington, MA.
I think it was $34.95 [no tax] at Barnes & Noble in Nashua, NH.
I didn't check amazon.com or bookpool.com (which only has
technical books but, unlike amazon.com, always has a discount).

- Aron