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RE:copying files to RSTS sim

At 12:13 PM 7/16/98 -0400, Aron Insinga wrote:
>I haven't tried that because I was worried about the 'lines' that
>use line-feed for continuation.  (Of course that is only used in
>my later programs, so I could cut-'n-paste for the earlier ones.)

Under RSTS V7, there's another way to do it: "extend" mode accepts the
following character sequence as equivalent to a line feed: &<cr><lf>

I.e. the following is valid code in V7, with ordinary <cr><lf> sequences
after every line:

100 extend
200 print \ &
    print "How old are you"; \ &
    input age%
300 if age%>30% then print "You are too old"
400 end

So, you could, if you wanted to, go through your older programs and put in
the ampersands, then cut and paste. But it would be nice to figure out an
elegant way to do it ...