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Re: paper tapes: B-5500 CANDE Extended ALGOL program

I can set sendmail up to route mail to any program or basicly anywhere.  I do
this for other things now.  It would be better to have an account like [50,50]
or something that will accept all the programs by mail.  This will be ALOT less
maintenance for me.  Each address that you want to receive programs via mail
would have to have an aliases setup up for the routing.  This means I would need
to update the sendmail aliases file for every account and maintain it.  If you
write the program that you want sendmail to pass the mail to, let me know.

Also, you really don;t want to mess with sendmail... a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS, but
what you are talking about here is real easy.

Gary L. Luckenbaugh wrote:

> >What do you need to know about sendmail?  that is what I run on mcws.net
> What I'd like to be able to do is send e-mail to an address like
> delta-1.47@mcws.net.
> The 1.47 would map into [1,47] and sendmail would direct incoming mail to a
> C program running under the "delta" ID.  I think sendmail is able to do this
> kind of thing, but I have never tried to configure it.  I once thought about
> buying the O'Reilly book on Sendmail, but then decided I'd rather not
> pollute my mind with that stuff.
> What I really need to figure out is how to send and receive mail
> programatically from a C program.  Sending mail may be as simple as execing
> the "mail" command and re-directing the standard input, and receiving mail
> could probably be done by periodically looking in the "/usr/mail/delta" (or
> wherever it's stored) directory.  But, if there is an easier way with
> sendmail, I'd like to use that.
> If we don't use sendmail, then we'd probably have to address the mail to
> delta@mcws.net and put something in the Subject line like "TO [1,47]", sort
> of like they do with subscribing  to the mail-lists.
> Bob's idea of using named pipes is another possibility.  It might be easier
> though to just FTP to real files stored on disk.  The setup would be easier,
> and wouldn't require working from two windows.
> What does everyone think?  Any preferences from a user interface
> perspective?
> Gary