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E-mail to RSTS

I checked it out, and it looks like we can avoid using sendmail to send and
receive mail programmatically.  You can send mail very easily by just using
the following C call:

    write data into "input-file";
    system("mail address < input-file");

Receiving mail is almost as easy.  It lands in /var/spool/mail/delta.  So
all I need to do is periodically read and empty this file.  Actually, a
BASIC-PLUS program running detached could periodically wake up and read this
file via the PP: and PR: interface we've talked about.  Alan Flippen has
offered to work on the BASIC-PLUS side, while I fiddle with the C code.

So it looks like we can forgo sendmail, unless Jim has any words of wisdom
on how to configure it.

Regards, Gary