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RE: paper tapes: B-5500 CANDE Extended ALGOL program

Gary, et al,

Here's an idea... attach the simulator PTR device to a named pipe
(mkfifo). Then the user simply ftp puts to the named pipe and OLD PR:
into the simulator. Ftp puts to a named pipe work great... I think the
trick will be getting the PTR device to "reset" after each EOF.


	-----Original Message-----

	Good idea.  I think RSTS only supports one PP: device, but I
could probably
	still use that one device.  A command like "put xyz.txt"
followed by
	uu-encoded data up to some ending bracket could be written to
PP:.  That way
	we could use PP: both for getting and putting files.

	IBM's VM/CMS system does exactly this type of crazy stuff with
the virtual
	card punch and card reader.  All e-mail on VM systems is sent as
	card decks to the user's virtual card reader from the sender's
virtual card
	punch.  (Hey that gives me an idea.  We could create a RSTS
e-mail program
	that sends and receives e-mail and attached files across the
Internet by
	punching and reading virtual paper tapes.  You could then e-mail
	BASIC-PLUS programs to your RSTS account and vice versa.   What
a concept
	:-).  Is there anyone out there that understands Linux sendmail
and all its