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RSTS e-mail

On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Gary L. Luckenbaugh wrote:

> IBM's VM/CMS system does exactly this type of crazy stuff with the virtual
> card punch and card reader.  All e-mail on VM systems is sent as virtual
> card decks to the user's virtual card reader from the sender's virtual card
> punch.  (Hey that gives me an idea.  We could create a RSTS e-mail program
> that sends and receives e-mail and attached files across the Internet by
> punching and reading virtual paper tapes.  You could then e-mail your
> BASIC-PLUS programs to your RSTS account and vice versa.   What a concept
> :-).

  Is there anyone out there that understands Linux sendmail and all its
> crazyness!?!?).


Check out http://www.darkface.pp.se/rfc/

For a list of the RFC's (Request for comment) documents for implementation
and clarifications.  At one time I found the sendmail protocol and it's
very simple.

MAIL, MIME and SMTP are good keywords.

Using "man sendmail | grep RFC yeald the following documents:
   RFC1341, 1344, 1123, 819, 821, 1822

RFC1341 missing

RFC1344 missing

RFC819 missing

RFC0821 J. Postel, "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol",
08/01/1982. (Pages=58) (Obsoletes RFC0788) (STD 10) 

The direct URL is: http://www.darkface.pp.se/rfc/RFC0821.TXT

RFC1123 R. Braden, "Requirements for Internet hosts -
application and support", 10/01/1989. (Pages=98) (STD 3) 

RFC1822 J. Lowe, "A Grant of Rights to Use a Specific IBM
patent with Photuris", 08/14/1995. (Pages=2) 

> Gary