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Re: paper tapes: B-5500 CANDE Extended ALGOL program

You guys are starting to scare me!

What do you need to know about sendmail?  that is what I run on mcws.net

Gary L. Luckenbaugh wrote:

> Aron,
> Good idea.  I think RSTS only supports one PP: device, but I could probably
> still use that one device.  A command like "put xyz.txt" followed by
> uu-encoded data up to some ending bracket could be written to PP:.  That way
> we could use PP: both for getting and putting files.
> IBM's VM/CMS system does exactly this type of crazy stuff with the virtual
> card punch and card reader.  All e-mail on VM systems is sent as virtual
> card decks to the user's virtual card reader from the sender's virtual card
> punch.  (Hey that gives me an idea.  We could create a RSTS e-mail program
> that sends and receives e-mail and attached files across the Internet by
> punching and reading virtual paper tapes.  You could then e-mail your
> BASIC-PLUS programs to your RSTS account and vice versa.   What a concept
> :-).  Is there anyone out there that understands Linux sendmail and all its
> crazyness!?!?).
> Gary
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Aron Insinga <ainsinga@infomation.com>
> To: deltoids@mcws.net <deltoids@mcws.net>
> Date: Tuesday, July 14, 1998 5:24 PM
> Subject: Re: paper tapes: B-5500 CANDE Extended ALGOL program
> >How about writing commands to PP1:?
> >Then you could tell it to send the output for PP:
> >to a disk file that you could FTP back from
> >the simulator host.  (Or does it already do that?)
> >(Will RSTS support 2 PPs?  If not, a reserved TT: could be used.)
> >
> >- Aron
> >
> >
> >At 09:32 PM 7/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >>>I got my Mac serial interface for an old GE photoelectric
> >>>paper tape reader working reliably this weekend.
> >>
> >>
> >>Great!  I'll have to get back to work on the simulator so that we can
> import
> >>files.  My plan is to modify the simulator so that commands can be issued
> to
> >>the simulator from BASIC-PLUS by writing to the PP: device.  This will
> allow
> >>me to write an import program in BASIC-PLUS.  For example, the import
> >>program would write "get file.bas" to PP: and could then read PR: to read
> >>the file "file.bas".  The idea is to allow people to FTP to delta.mcws.net
> >>and then run a BASIC-PLUS program to import the file to RSTS.
> >>
> >>In the interim I can import files by taking the simulator down and running
> >>the single user version.   Not convenient, but it will work.
> >>
> >>Gary
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> >


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