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Re: paper tapes: B-5500 CANDE Extended ALGOL program

>I got my Mac serial interface for an old GE photoelectric
>paper tape reader working reliably this weekend.

Great!  I'll have to get back to work on the simulator so that we can import
files.  My plan is to modify the simulator so that commands can be issued to
the simulator from BASIC-PLUS by writing to the PP: device.  This will allow
me to write an import program in BASIC-PLUS.  For example, the import
program would write "get file.bas" to PP: and could then read PR: to read
the file "file.bas".  The idea is to allow people to FTP to delta.mcws.net
and then run a BASIC-PLUS program to import the file to RSTS.

In the interim I can import files by taking the simulator down and running
the single user version.   Not convenient, but it will work.