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Re: All CAPS on RSTS and other useful info

Good idea, Alan.  I'll make the change.

Regards, Gary
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From: Alan Flippen <flippen@nytimes.com>
To: deltoids@mcws.net <deltoids@mcws.net>; deltoids@mcws.net
Date: Tuesday, July 07, 1998 10:59 PM
Subject: Re: All CAPS on RSTS and other useful info

>At 09:38 PM 7/7/98 -0400, Gary L. Luckenbaugh wrote:
>>You may have noticed that when you use RSTS everything is in CAPS.  This
>>the default terminal mode for RSTS.  To get lower case you must RUN
>>or type the command SET LC INPUT at the "Ready" prompt.  It's also useful
>>SET SCOPE so that you don't get the \\ stuff for rubouts.
>Can't the startup files be modified to do this automatically? The correct
>file would be $TTY.CMD. I'd suggest using this as the default, unless we
>think there's someone out there with an LA36 trying to log on ...