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Re: Project Delta Lives!!

From a notes file entry at Digital this week:
> For all you old timers.  I am about to leave for a site that
> has 12 1140's and 2 1155's with running RF11's for a
> possible DP11 problem.  If you trust those machines you can
> come to Morgantown, WVa. and ride the Personal Rapid Transit
> at WVU.

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From: Gary L. Luckenbaugh <garyll@ibm.net>
To: deltoids@mcws.net <deltoids@mcws.net>
Date: Friday, July 03, 1998 12:12 AM
Subject: Project Delta Lives!!

>A virtual Project Delta PDP-11/70 is up and running in Midlothian VA.  You
>are cordially invited to give it a try.  You may connect to the system by
>telnetting to "delta.mcws.net" and logging into Linux with the user name
>"delta" and the password "delta1170".  You will automatically be
>to RSTS and assigned your own unique KBn:.  Further directions will appear
>on the screen.
>PLEASE do not give out the password for the "delta" account.  This is
>exclusively for the use of Project Delta alumni who agree to use it only
>personal, non-commercial use, from their residences.  Jim Stallings was
>gracious enough to allow us to use his machine to host this project, so
>please be respectful.
>Let me know if you find any bugs.  I did a line count and found that I
>about 600 lines of code and modified dozens of others in the main part of
>the simulator.  It's possible there are bugs, so if you notice anything
>doesn't seem to work quite right, let me know.
>Now we need to resurrect some of our old programs!  I'd love to see
>DEPRESS,  the old AI programs, and whatever else we can find.  I think I
>have source listings of some of these still in my parent's attic.
>Regards, Gary