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Re: Project Delta Lives!!

That's great!

As for DEPRESS, as I probably said before I think I have all of it on paper
tape, but probably no data (in which case, maybe we can make a DEPRESS
study out of the reunion survey).  I don't know which version it is.  I got
the paper tape reader (and a serial interface to a Mac) working this
weekend, read 2 tapes and saved them to floppy, shut it down to go eat
dinner, came back, and it wouldn't work.  *sigh*.  But I better go back to
scanning pictures next.  Also, I've misplaced one of my DECtapes.  I hope
to locate it and then try out somebody's DECtape drive in a few weeks.  It
might have some DEPRESS studies on it.  I have a DECtape with a backup of
the Public Use Sample of the 1970 Census for Delaware and the programs to
get stuff out of it, but I don't think it has the ECPRESS versions of the

- Aron