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Project Delta Lives!!

A virtual Project Delta PDP-11/70 is up and running in Midlothian VA.  You
are cordially invited to give it a try.  You may connect to the system by
telnetting to "delta.mcws.net" and logging into Linux with the user name
"delta" and the password "delta1170".  You will automatically be transferred
to RSTS and assigned your own unique KBn:.  Further directions will appear
on the screen.

PLEASE do not give out the password for the "delta" account.  This is
exclusively for the use of Project Delta alumni who agree to use it only for
personal, non-commercial use, from their residences.  Jim Stallings was
gracious enough to allow us to use his machine to host this project, so
please be respectful.

Let me know if you find any bugs.  I did a line count and found that I wrote
about 600 lines of code and modified dozens of others in the main part of
the simulator.  It's possible there are bugs, so if you notice anything that
doesn't seem to work quite right, let me know.

Now we need to resurrect some of our old programs!  I'd love to see ECPRESS,
DEPRESS,  the old AI programs, and whatever else we can find.  I think I
have source listings of some of these still in my parent's attic.

Regards, Gary