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RE: Moving


I figured it had been too quiet on the KL-11 front. Glad to hear you 
guys are making progress. It will be really cool... now we can have 
"utility wars" just like the good old days!

Congrats on getting your server on DS3... that's far out! I had no 
trouble hitting the machine this afternoon.


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From:	Jim Stallings [SMTP:jstallin@inetconn.net]
Sent:	Tuesday, June 30, 1998 11:47 AM
To:	deltoids@mcws.net
Subject:	Moving

We are in the middle of moving the delta.mcws.net server to a new IP
address.  We are going from ISDN to DS3 connection.  The new connection
sits on US-WEST and SPRINT backbones as well as the Bell Atlantic

The internic has been updated, but it might take awhile for all the 
servers to update their cache.  If you have problems getting to 
on delta.mcws.net, you might want to have your ISP update their cache.

Once we are sure everyone can get to delta.mcws.net, we will have a
REALLY NICE surprise compliments of Gary L. Luckenbaugh.  He has been
HARD at work getting us a real time PDP11/70 running on the internet!
This system will allow you to have up to 8 people logged in at once. 
is really NICE!!  I have even talked to other KB;s using the TALK

If you would like your old account recreated, please let me know and I
will set you up with an account.  If you are unsure of your account go
to delta.mcws.net and look at account listings.  Let me know your
account and it will be created.  Oh yea, you need to give me a password
you want also.

I want to thank GARY for all his hard work!!!