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Re: Gary's Recollections of Delta

In article <000b01bda39c$c3399b40$63d2f7cc@philip.portolasystems.com>,
    "Philip Bernosky" <philip@portolasystems.com>  writes:
> Arghh!  Yes, those wizards drive me nuts.

Well, wizards have their place.  But like anything else, they can be
overused or used in places where they aren't needed.  Wizards are just
a graphical state machine interface.  Sometimes there isn't a
sequentiality needed and the same problem could be solved with a
dialog box containing all the necessary tunable controls (set to
appropriate defaults) with OK and Cancel buttons.  Other times, there
are things you have to do at step 3 that you can't do until the user
has entered some data at step 2.