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Burrough's Algol Compiler

Clark Baker writes in his memoirs, "George and I did a reasonable amount of
hacking in ALGOL on the B5500 and later on the B6700. The systems
programming on these computers was done in a dialect of ALGOL and we wanted
to learn all about that. The computer center folks weren't too happy with
our interest. "

By a strange quirk of fate, I ran into the Product Manager for the old
Burrough's Algol compiler a couple of months ago.  I was at a Lockheed
Martin meeting in Valley Forge, and had dinner with a guy who was speaking
at the same meeting as me.  When I asked him about his "heritage" (a
Lockheed Martin term for, "Where did you work before Lockheed Martin
acquired you?") he told me he had started at Burroughs, merged with Univac,
was sold to Loral, and merged with Lockheed Martin.  When I asked him what
he did at Burrough's he said he was the Product Manager of the B5500/B6700
Algol compiler years ago.  He was very familiar with the UofD and said they
were his best customer.