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Old Humor

Earlier on this list, some people were talking about the "Far Out Op
Codes".  I have it OCR'd and will send it and some others of our old humor
files.  They're in authentic upper-case only, and they probably came off of
card decks from the UD computer center.  Some typos and odd formats have
been preserved, others may have been changed, and others may have been
introduced.  Enjoy!

Does anybody now recognize the opcodes?  I think that Dave Robinson said
that they were from some real machine's instruction set, but I don't
remember if anybody ever figured out which machine.  (It isn't a DEC
machine so I don't recognize it. :-)

I suppose the "Finagle's Laws" (coming later) have been subsumed into the
collections of "Murphy's Laws" but they aren't handy so that I can check
them.  (G. Harry Stine wrote that the original "Murphy's Law" - "Whatever
can go wrong, will, and at the worst possible moment." was coined in
reference to a certain technician on the Rocket Sled project at White Sands
in the earliest days of the space program.)

- Aron