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Re: Gary's Recollections of Delta

>Could this be sorta a mid-life crisis being experienced en masse? Sorta
>sounds like grandpa "I remember when we didn't HAVE cars, and I had to walk
>100 miles up hill to school, and up-hill on the way home too!  For dinner,
>I'd have a lump of cold poison...blah blah blah"

Maybe, but I don't think so.  I still have my 200MHz Pentium, 3GB of disk,
both Win95 and Linux, and a ton of development tools, Visual C++, GNU C++,
Borland C++, Symantec Cafe, Visual J++, Visual Basic.  (I like playing with
development tools, if you haven't gathered that.)  But, it's still fun to
play with the stuff from the past.  Most of what I've been doing is using
the contemporary development tools to extend the simulator.  Once I get the
simulator doing what I want it to do, then I'll loose interest.  The fun is
in writing the code, not using it.  It's also fun modifying the simulator
because it's kind of like doing hardware in software.  It's given me a whole
new perspective on interrupts and such.