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Re: Gary's Recollections of Delta

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Date: Friday, June 26, 1998 7:31 PM
Subject: RE: Gary's Recollections of Delta

>Coke is just better.
>But while we're talking about drinking...the first time I got "inebriated"
>was with Ed Jones et al in that little restaurant on the top of the Newark
>MiniMall (I forget the name).  I remember about 6 of us going through
>several pitchers of beer, and me having to try and "act cool" even though
>I'd never had a drink before.  I believe I was 17? After that drinking beer
>became more and more a social occurrence for me.  The funny thing is I
>got carded until my 21rst birthday, which was the day that MADD had finally
>gotten the drinking age raised, and EVERY bar was carding.  The look on the
>bouncer's face is still etched in my mind because he had seen me drinking
>the Deer park for YEARS, and just assumed I was "of-age", and here I was
>being carded on my 21rst B-Day.
>While I'm ranting...
>I'm happy for everyone that's re-living the PDP years with simulators, etc.
>HOWEVER, I'm extremely happy with my 400MHz Pentium-II (upwards of
>1.6BILLION operations per second) with high-performance 3D acceleration,
>128MBytes of RAM, DVD-player, 8GBytes harddrive and full GUI interface.
>Personally, I don't need RSTS or Basic-plus. But I'm happy if you guys are.
>Could this be sorta a mid-life crisis being experienced en masse? Sorta
>sounds like grandpa "I remember when we didn't HAVE cars, and I had to walk
>100 miles up hill to school, and up-hill on the way home too!  For dinner,
>I'd have a lump of cold poison...blah blah blah"
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>[coke vs. pepsi]
>I wonder why so many hacker types are specifically coca-cola fans and
>not pepsi fans?  Coca-cola was always around my house when I was
>growing up -- we used to get cases of the 10oz green glass bottles
>delivered right into our garage from Scott's Beverage service.  The
>business was located in a black quonset hut-like building across the
>railroad tracks from the local baseball diamond.  The delivery guy
>always announced himself as the "coke man". :)
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