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RE: Gary's Recollections of Delta

Coke is just better.

But while we're talking about drinking...the first time I got "inebriated"
was with Ed Jones et al in that little restaurant on the top of the Newark
MiniMall (I forget the name).  I remember about 6 of us going through
several pitchers of beer, and me having to try and "act cool" even though
I'd never had a drink before.  I believe I was 17? After that drinking beer
became more and more a social occurrence for me.  The funny thing is I never
got carded until my 21rst birthday, which was the day that MADD had finally
gotten the drinking age raised, and EVERY bar was carding.  The look on the
bouncer's face is still etched in my mind because he had seen me drinking in
the Deer park for YEARS, and just assumed I was "of-age", and here I was
being carded on my 21rst B-Day.

While I'm ranting...

I'm happy for everyone that's re-living the PDP years with simulators, etc.
HOWEVER, I'm extremely happy with my 400MHz Pentium-II (upwards of
1.6BILLION operations per second) with high-performance 3D acceleration,
128MBytes of RAM, DVD-player, 8GBytes harddrive and full GUI interface.
Personally, I don't need RSTS or Basic-plus. But I'm happy if you guys are.

Could this be sorta a mid-life crisis being experienced en masse? Sorta
sounds like grandpa "I remember when we didn't HAVE cars, and I had to walk
100 miles up hill to school, and up-hill on the way home too!  For dinner,
I'd have a lump of cold poison...blah blah blah"


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[coke vs. pepsi]

I wonder why so many hacker types are specifically coca-cola fans and
not pepsi fans?  Coca-cola was always around my house when I was
growing up -- we used to get cases of the 10oz green glass bottles
delivered right into our garage from Scott's Beverage service.  The
business was located in a black quonset hut-like building across the
railroad tracks from the local baseball diamond.  The delivery guy
always announced himself as the "coke man". :)
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