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Re: Selectronics

Yeah, Gary, it was Ron Minnich who drove to Selectronics and said that it
looked like the same dog in the parking lot as the last time he was there.
There was a bit of a dash to get from the van and into the building,
through the smell.  (I hope nobody's reading this thread during lunch! :-)
I think I could pass on a visit there this August.  Unless...  Do I need to
say that if anybody sees an ad for a PDP-11 or PDP-8 for sale, I doubt that
anybody on this list would mind hearing of it?  I passed up on a 5-channel
paper tape TTY and then narrowly missed getting the PDP-11+ASR-33 from
someone who lives on the same street a while back. :-(

Remember American Used Computer (a/k/a American Abused Computer)?  I think
that they sent the wrong flavor of FPP for one of the PDP-11s on campus.  I
visited their place in Boston (Kenmore Square) a couple of times, where I
got some plastic front panels from a few DEC machines, and the aluminum
light panel from the I/O cabinet of a PDP-7, and the -7's TTY interface,
and some other DECjunk.  It was far cleaner than Selectronics was.  It was
a byproduct of their real business of selling working systems.  I think
(but I'm not very sure) that's where DELTA's 11/20 finally went off to; it
was on the first floor of DuPont hall by the back door for a short while,
where we could say our fond good-byes to it.  *snif*  (:-)

- Aron