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I have called all the hotels that are close to the area we want to
party.  The best I have found is as follows:

Howard Johnson-Newark
1119 S College Ave
Newark, DE  19713
(302) 368-8521

They are not as close as the Travelodge, BUT, they have agreed to give
us the University of Delaware rate or $46 per night (Single or Double).
They do have a POOL for the kids, and a Friendlys restaurant right next

To obtain this rate, you must call Patrica, ASAP, and let her know you
are with the University of Delaware Project Delta Reunion and reserve
your spot.

I have already resevered my spot for the 14th and 15th, so I hope to see
the rest of you there.  Those of use that are coming in from out of town
can also have a nice get together at the pool for a couple of hours with
the family or just ourselfs.  Not sure what the guest rules are, but
might have everyone bring their suit and mabey if each person can have a
guest ... who knows.

Please let us know if you are getting a room at this location.  Also,
please reserve fast so we can make sure we all can take advantage of
this rate!