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Re: CMB's Delta history


Looks good! Thanks for writing it. Each one of these helps round out the
picture of what DELTA was like over the years and how it affected people's

Now it's time for others to step up to the plate. It would be especially
nice to hear from someone who was involved in the mid-70s, during the
transition from Teresa to Ed Boas (Aron? Gary? Ron Dozier?) and someone who
was involved at or near the end (Eric Thayer? Ken Cowan?)

If any of you want to write your memories down but are afraid you don't have
the time or skills to create a polished document, I'll be happy to help. 


At 09:55 AM 6/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Teresa's history, along with some e-mail from George, and a re-reading
>of a history my dad had written encouraged me to write down my
>memories of the Delta years.  While I have passed this by my dad,
>Teresa, George, and my brother Ed, mistakes may remain, and they are
>Let me know what you think.
>Clark M. Baker
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