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KL-11 for Supnik's Simulator

I was successful in adding one KL-11 device to Bob Supnik's simulator.
Right now it just works with the console terminal.  You toggle between KB0:
and KB1: using Control/A.  RSTS seems to do some surprising things, though.
It constantly reads the input CSR and output CSR.  It appears to be doing
this on every clock interrupt.  It doesn't seem to hurt anything, but I
can't image why it is doing this.  I probably need to make sure I'm not
generating spurious interrupts.

The next step is to get more than one additional KL-11.  This is going to be
harder than it seems because of the way the simulator is structured.  It is
limited to 32 devices and devices are assumed to have only one interrupt
vector, which is a problem for the KL-11 because each one uses a separate

Are there any Linux experts out there that would like to contribute to this
endeavor?  What I'd like to do is have the simulator open up a range of Unix
TTY devices that correspond to the pseudo terminals that telnet uses.  We
need to figure out how to disable the Linux login on those terminals, figure
out if telnet needs any special configuration, and determine what crazy
ioctl's I need to do to configure the tty device and enable non-blocking
single character input.

In the mean-time I'll work on getting multiple KL-11 support into the