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More cool stuff with Ersatz-11

I just found out that Ersatz-11 lets you create multiple emulated KL-11
terminal devices.  You can assign them to virtual terminals, and hot key
between them.   This allows you to generate a RSTS with multiple KBs and hot
key between them.

Even better, you can assign the KL devices to your PCs COM ports so that you
can actually create a real multi-user RSTS timesharing system.   I need to
get the right cables, but I have a laptop from work that I might try hooking
up to it just for the heck of it.

It would be fun to modify Supnik's simulator to do the same thing, but make
the simulated KL-11s act as telnet daemons.  Then we can go on the air over
the Internet.  Wouldn't it be a blast to create a retro-Delta that you can
telnet to on the Internet.  Of course, we'd probably have to get a different
license from Mentec to do this.