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RE: Reunion... action required...

Jim and other potential lodgers,

Regarding group rates... Chris Brown's wife who is in the hospitality 
business thought we probably wouldn't have enough rooms, but it can't 
hurt to ask. Here's a list of hotels and motels (in order of proximity 
to campus)... care to make some calls? Even if you can't get a group 
rate, it might be fun if all the visiting out-of-towners are lodging at 
the same place. Don't forget to ask about the elevators  ;-)


Walking distance

    Travelodge-Newark 302-737-5050
    268 E Main St, Newark, DE, 19711

Hiking distance

    Sleep Inn 302-453-1700
    630 S College Ave, Newark, DE, 19713

    Howard Johnson-Newark 302-368-8521
    1119 S College Ave, Newark, DE, 19713

    Comfort Inn-Newark 302-368-8715
    1120 S College Ave, Newark, DE, 19713

Driving distance

    Macintosh Inn-Newark 302-453-9100
    1027 Christiana Rd, Ogletown, DE, 19713

    Holiday Inn-Wilmington/Newark 302-737-2700
    1203 Christiana Rd, Ogletown, DE, 19713

    Hampton Inn-Wilmington/Newark 302-737-3900
    3 Concord Ln, Ogletown, DE, 19713

    Residence Inn-Newark 302-453-9200
    240 Chapman Rd, Christiana DE, 19702

    Hilton-Christiana 302-454-1500
    100 Continental Dr, Metroform, DE, 19713

    Shoney's Inn-Wilmington/Newark 302-368-2400
    900 Churchman's Rd, Metroform, DE 19713

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I plan on leaving from work, so I will get in to Newark around 7pm.

Where are people staying and has anyone check on a group rate?