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Re: Reunion... action required...

I plan on leaving from work, so I will get in to Newark around 7pm.

Where are people staying and has anyone check on a group rate?

Anthony Eros wrote:

> Aaargh!  We're leaving on the 15th for a week in the Adirondacks.  So, I'll
> be unable to attend the reunion :-(
> If anyone's coming in the night before and is up for dinner, I'd love to get
> together.
> -- Tony
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>         Sent:   Thursday, June 18, 1998 6:16 PM
>         To:     'Deltoids'
>         Subject:        Reunion... action required...
>         [For the record... disregard if you already replied... thanks]
>         Folks,
>         The planning for the reunion is now well under way. The second floor
> of
>         Klondike Kate's has been reserved for us from 11 to 3 on August 15.
>          Lunch will be a buffet including meatballs and sauce, roast beef,
> deli
>         platter, rolls, potato salad and cole slaw, condiments, cookie and
>         brownie tray and coffee and soda. Cost will be around $12 per
> person.
>         Dan Grim has offered to organize a tour of the U of D Computing
> Center
>         for anyone who is interested. Dan has asked that the size of this
> group
>         be limited to 25 people. At this time, it appears that we will have
>         more than that number showing up, so sign up below. If there is
>         overwhelming interest, maybe we can talk Dan in to doing two tours.
>         And Peter Warter has offered to show us the EE Department as it
> exists
>         today in Evans Hall. Dupont Hall is now totally Civil Engineering...
>         I'm told that room 360 has been turned into office cubicles.
> Hopefully,
>         we'll be able to convince Peter to let us take a peek up there for
> old
>         times sake. I am also working on arranging a visit to the University
>         Amateur Radio Club station on the roof of Dupont Hall for the Hams
> in
>         the group.
>         Other activities during the weekend will be up to you to organize on
> an
>         ad hoc basis. Ideas that have been thrown around are Saturday
> breakfast
>         for the visiting out-of-towners, various mid-evil gaming scenarios,
>         activities for the kids and family being dragged along, and visits
> to
>         Tony Eros' Computer Museum, the Smith Hall elevator, and/or the Deer
>         Park. If you have any other ideas, talk it up on the list.
>         Action required: I need head counts for Kate's and the UDCC tour. If
>         you are planning to attend, please fill out the following and
>         mailto:n3lym@amsat.org. Please include the word "reunion" in the
>         subject...
>             Yes, I wouldn't miss this for anything (not even NT training)...
>             Name?
>             Number in party?
>             Want to tour UDCC?
>             Want to tour EE?
>             Comments, ideas, please?
>         Thanks in advance for your reply. Looking forward to seeing you
> there!
>         Regards, Bob
>         PS: If you've been living under a Skippy jar and have no idea what
> this
>         is all about, get caught up at the History of Project Delta web
> site...
>         http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mader/delta


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