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Reunion... action required...

[For the record... disregard if you already replied... thanks]


The planning for the reunion is now well under way. The second floor of 
Klondike Kate's has been reserved for us from 11 to 3 on August 15. 
 Lunch will be a buffet including meatballs and sauce, roast beef, deli 
platter, rolls, potato salad and cole slaw, condiments, cookie and 
brownie tray and coffee and soda. Cost will be around $12 per person.

Dan Grim has offered to organize a tour of the U of D Computing Center 
for anyone who is interested. Dan has asked that the size of this group 
be limited to 25 people. At this time, it appears that we will have 
more than that number showing up, so sign up below. If there is 
overwhelming interest, maybe we can talk Dan in to doing two tours.

And Peter Warter has offered to show us the EE Department as it exists 
today in Evans Hall. Dupont Hall is now totally Civil Engineering... 
I'm told that room 360 has been turned into office cubicles. Hopefully, 
we'll be able to convince Peter to let us take a peek up there for old 
times sake. I am also working on arranging a visit to the University 
Amateur Radio Club station on the roof of Dupont Hall for the Hams in 
the group.

Other activities during the weekend will be up to you to organize on an 
ad hoc basis. Ideas that have been thrown around are Saturday breakfast 
for the visiting out-of-towners, various mid-evil gaming scenarios, 
activities for the kids and family being dragged along, and visits to 
Tony Eros' Computer Museum, the Smith Hall elevator, and/or the Deer 
Park. If you have any other ideas, talk it up on the list.

Action required: I need head counts for Kate's and the UDCC tour. If 
you are planning to attend, please fill out the following and 
mailto:n3lym@amsat.org. Please include the word "reunion" in the 

    Yes, I wouldn't miss this for anything (not even NT training)...
    Number in party?
    Want to tour UDCC?
    Want to tour EE?
    Comments, ideas, please?

Thanks in advance for your reply. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Regards, Bob

PS: If you've been living under a Skippy jar and have no idea what this 
is all about, get caught up at the History of Project Delta web site...