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Re: A working PDP-11 (almost ... )

In article <>,
    Aron Insinga <ainsinga@infomation.com>  writes:
> [...] and people who worked on the first VAX
> workstation (2 tubes with M68000 display processors and fiber optic lines
> to an 11/780 -- it wasn't a major success except I think that X-windows got
> started there) [...]

Rich Thomson here... (I switched subscription addresses to my personal
account) Where does the vaxstation 8000 fit into this picture?  This
was the first exposure I had to Evans & Sutherland -- they did the
graphics architecture/accelerator for the VS 8000.  My understanding
was that the graphics was great, but that the VS couldn't feed the
graphics pipeline fast enough to keep it saturated and the product was
cancelled at DEC.
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