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Re: A working PDP-11 (almost ... )

At 10:27 AM 6/17/98 -0400, Aron Insinga wrote:
>For some other dirt on the J-11 CMOS PDP-11 chipset, see the earlier
>messages about Bob Supnik.  (But I guess I got the PDP-11 model number
>wrong.)  The questions are whether or not the person in the hallway meant
>J-11 in this sense, or whether ATEX has a machine they named J11, and if
>the later whether or not the ATEX J11 is built on a J-11 CPU.

Yes, it's a J-11 CPU. Turns out our ATEX system uses dozens of them in
parallel. Looks more like a VAX than a PDP-11, but boy does it smell the same.