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    To all DECies, their families & friends, I offer my condolescences on the
demise of a wonderful company.  I am angry because they have destroyed my
wonderful memories. I held in deep affection the men & women with whom I
cooperated over the years, both through Delta & Lincoln. Companies are
"merged", "bought out", etc, yet the "families" continue. But this seems to be
an angry union.  No, I did not have stock in DEC.  I had for so long advocated
DEC hardware that it would have been a "conflict of interest" for me to be a
    When I retired, I bought a Rainbow, the DEC personal computer. I thought
at the time that this was a very bad omen. My next was an Epson, then a Compaq
(another of which I bought for my granddaughter for college) & now a Gateway
(at the recommendation of UD).  I am almost ready for another & I don't know
what it will be. I had hoped it might have been a DEC version. But that is not
to be.
    Best wishes for "tomorrow",