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RE: What ever happened to... DEC?

Well, I really wish they'd just announce that it was a mistake and
call off the merger.  I can't see anything good coming from the
combination - DEC could have maintained it's role as a manufacturer
of generic and proprietary products, perhaps indefinitely, with
Compaq calling the shots it's soon going to have no focus at all.

The ironic thing is that DEC tried so *hard* to grow from being a
cool MIT-techie company into something with a business model based
on "what works for IBM will work for us" and managed to alienate
its own customer base in the process, then if you look at Sun you
see the exact same "what works for DEC will work for us" approach
as they alienate their own user base.

It's no wonder that clones are taking over the world - they have
to survive on competitive price/performance, not "marketing" and
user-base "lock in's"...

				grumbles from an old fart...