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Re: PDP11 RSTS 7

At 09:29 AM 6/11/98 -0700, you wrote:
>It is really strange how somethings start to come back to you.... I wish
>I remembered where all my manuals went.  I think HUGO got most of them.
>I am going to try and scan some of the xerox output and get it into the
>sim.  Does anyone know how to print things to a printer??  or put things
>into the sim from ansi text, other than cut and paste?

(1) Create a text file on disk with the stuff that you want to put into the sim.

(2) When you start the sim, in addition to the "set rp0" commands in Gary's
instruction list, add the following commands before you boot it:

att ptr file.txt [where file.txt is the stuff you want to input]
att ptp pp.txt
att lpt lp.txt

Then boot the sim.

(3) Read the file into the sim through the paper tape reader (one way is to
type PIP FILE.TXT=PR: or some such). 

(4) You can now also output to the paper tape punch or LP0: (which actually
will output to your disk files pp.txt and lp.txt).

Note that, as far as I know, you can only read in one file per simulator
session. If you want to read in something else, you'll have to take the
"system" down and issue another att ptr command with another filename.

Note also that you can read the output to pp.txt or lp.txt immediately with
another Windows app ... but not all of it; the last record isn't written to
disk until you leave the sim. If you want to, e.g., put source code of a
CUSP into your computer to look at with Word, you have to write some extra
blank lines to the file afterward to fill out the record.

Once you've set up the "line printer" this way, you can use the
OPSER/QUEMAN/SPOOL package to print to it, though the block letters don't
come out correctly. Details on request.