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PDP-11 web page

More PDP-11 history on the web, including info on a Hungarian clone, 
pictures of other machines (including a DEC Memory Test Computer), pointers 
to other PDP-11-related web sites, etc.

- Aron

Subject: PDP-11 History Page update...
        Date: 31 May 1998 14:04:06 GMT
       From: hamster@lord.banki.hu (Akos Varga)
 Organization: Banki Donat Polytechnic, Budapest
 Newsgroups: vmsnet.pdp-11, alt.sys.pdp11, comp.sys.dec.micro

I just updated my PDP-11 page at
and corrected some errors, but I'm sure there are more,
so I'd be honoured if you'd visit it and help me spot

Thanks for your time!
        Akos Varga